3.18.17 Egypt, Day 3: An Unforgettable Birthday 

I set an alarm for 20 minutes before our scheduled departure. I have just enough time to grab a donut and scramble to the bus. First stop: the Egyptian Museum. There are swarms of tourist groups and we shuffle between antiquities. Statues, tombs, jewelry, sarcophagi. King Tut, Queen Hatsetshup. It’s interesting, but it blends together … More 3.18.17 Egypt, Day 3: An Unforgettable Birthday 

Cairo, Day 2

They say it’s harder to get acclimated to the time change when you head East and lose hours. We are road weary and exhausted by the time we return to our room on the evening of our arrival. I fall asleep two pages into my book. I awaken to an empty room. Trent and Victor … More Cairo, Day 2

Cairo, Day 1: Arrival

Hopscotching across the globe. San Juan, Rome, Cairo.  Rome has the Rodeo Drive of airports. Bulgari, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Fendi, Gucci, Rolex. It’s like arriving in the Emerald City after traversing a yellow brick road through the sky. Well-heeled travelers speak exotic tongues at information booths. Stylish stewards clip by to catch their connections. Glitz sparkles … More Cairo, Day 1: Arrival