NYC > Rome: First Class

There are perks and then there is outright spoiled. My flight from New York to Rome is the latter. 

Victor and Trent meet me at JFK, fresh from their home in Brooklyn. Boarding is well under way when the two flight attendants finally stroll into view. I’m greeted with warm hugs, and a surprise from Victor. He has upgraded us to first class. I can’t say that it’s out of character, but the overnight flight just got a lot more palatable.

Not even seated, they offer champagne or orange juice and seasoned cashews while I wrestle my carry on into the overhead storage. 

Yeah This isn’t just a comfortable seat. I’m talking a  lounge chair that reclines into full bed mode with massage features, pillows and a comforter. 45 minutes in, eating candied walnuts on real china,  San Pellegrino out of a crystal glass. We really slum it. 

The service is impeccable. Hot moist towels arrive before dinner. Dinner is coursed like fine dining service: appetizer, soup, salad, and entree. Yes, I have all three desserts. The food is impeccable, a far cry from rewarmed mystery meat and what look like TV dinners.

I watch some HBO, a new series with Sarah Jessica Parker, bring the seat into bed mode, and fall asleep with a podcast while I clutch a plump pillow. It really is the finest that money can buy.

Indulgent? Yes no doubt. Should everyone try it once? Absolutely.

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